Following artists have announced for us:

Marilia Fotopoulou (GR)

She was born in Athens, Greece where she still lives and works. She attended in the Department of Photography and Audiovisual Arts and she graduated from Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA) (2011). Since 2011 she has been working at the Department of Photography of ASFA as an assistant teacher of the Photography laboratory. Her work has been exhibited at "Art en Capitale 2011" in Paris, at Athens Photo Festival 2015, 2009, 2011 in Athens, in the 3rd Biennial of Modern Art in Thessaloniki 2011 and at Budapest Photo Festival in Budapest 2017 among others.

Moving among the Dark underground scene in Greece, which has been going strong for the last 35 years, her camera has captured many of its highlights. A scene that is constantly evolving through time and has spawned many great artists and bands. Always kept in the underground, it has developed its own character, creating a thriving community with a large network of clubs, record labels, (online) magazines, radio stations, record stores and events with a vast number of DJs. This exhibition also features ‘snapshots’ taken during the last 5 so called ‘crisis’ years. Despite the turbulent times the scene has maintained its creativity which is beautifully portrayed here through her lens. A small glimpse of what took place, a documentation of the inner self-expression of local artists. A large part also being the foreign acts that have performed in Greece. Bands and artists from overseas have always been providing new experiences and trends, to a scene that is always looking for more and who always corresponds to their calling. The response of the audience and the interactivity with the bands creates a very specially bond, enough to nurture new ideas and to contribute the unification of a wider European Scene.

In an age where the economic crisis has struck Greece more than any other European country, the Arts have suffered the most. Growing poverty, unemployment and the reduction of funding for any kind of development, has taken its toll. As a result, it has spurned an artistic output that reflects all this negativity. In Marilia Fotopoulou’s black and white portraits one can feel the stark atmospheres, an inner sense and a blankness that portrays the general feeling that’s been experienced in these darkest of times. Portraits of people who live and breathe in suffocating environments but still find the courage to develop their personalities and seek their personal visions. Whereas in her colour shots, many of desolate and abandoned environments, one can sense the beauty that still exists in all the decay.


Nikos Drivas 


M.Orbid (GER)

She has completed her university study of arts in Kassel and practices her own artist's workshop since 2011. The graphical works maintenly  deal with the human individium related to social norms.
Some of her interlayers from the serial „Surface“, which explains us the sexual identity, we will present you on our festival.

Ungehoersam (GER)

The artist from Kassel (Germany), who is not walking the line, holds his name rightly. Wether as lightning artist, performer, DJ or in the part of installation Ungehoersam is polarizing, mostly with his unsociety statements. Two of his interactions, which shows us the consumer behavior and the typical opinion maker of the westworld, he will exhibit for us.




Tuahadedana (GR/GER)


Xanti Albert known under the artistname and Label of *tuahadedana*will display an outfit.

As a trained female tailor, she produces only individual pieces, such as extraordinary head covers and collars.

Spielmann Ravicus (GER)

Fireartist Spielmann Ravicus

Once it all has begun on Sylvester night with a friend, torches and lamp-oil from the building center as a contrast to the fireworks. Quickly the firework for the guests was uninterested. What is a small firework rocket against a 2 metres of a fire stream? Step by step there were bought some professional items for training. But now you will see him as a fire artworker on small birthday parties, on bar openings to the point of festivals. Sometimes with a small, sometimes with a big program. For schwarts he will showcase you one small part of his program.


Maria Stafillaraky (GR/GER)

 She is grown-up with the gastronomy area. After 18 semesters studying of arts, she works as a freelancer. Born in 1983, sometimes feeling like a child in her heart and sometimes like the old women with bitterness. Every picture is telling a story about own know-how and own sight view,

free inspired and stage-managed. If it is the point the own weakness using as a privilege, to hold the death in strings or exchanging in her own bar about all the world and his brother in the evening – the philosophy of life is always the same: „You live to create some remembrances and some day you will only live for remembering.“